The Systems team, who is now a part of UMIT, manages quarterly updates that CaneLink receives from Oracle where new, innovative functionality is implemented. Additionally, the team actively researches ways to improve business processes, stays current with all delivered functionality, and continuously supports end users by troubleshooting system issues and providing them with solutions. 

More information about CaneLink, including FAQs and training tutorials, can be found on our website. Additionally, if a user is experiencing a problem with CaneLink, he or she can contact the UMIT Service Desk at or 305-284-6565 for assistance.

Request for Service

All system requests are filtered through the department’s Project Manager, who coordinates the prioritization and categorization of all requests and tracks their progress.

How to Submit a Request

To submit an RFS: CaneLink Request Form

(Note: Upon your initial request, you will receive a Permission Prompt. Please click “Allow” to proceed.  You will only receive this prompt once prior to the first time using the Request Form.)

UMIT Governance Approval

UMIT Governance is only included in the process if your Systems (CaneLink) request is technical in nature and requires governance approval. The Project Manager will let you know if the following form requires completion: UMIT Governance Online Form

Contact Information

For additional questions and/or concerns regarding your request, please feel free to contact Fernando Solorzano, Project Manager for UMIT, at