EM Shout Out - Recognition Program

What is EM Shout Out?

EM Shout Out is a method for the University of Miami’s Enrollment Management team to recognize one of our own for demonstrating our DIRECCT values and making a difference for someone else. EM Shout Out is simply a program to applaud behaviors that support the mission, goals, and values of the University and Enrollment Management. EM Shout Out recognizes employees who continuously exhibit behaviors that fulfill the University’s common purpose of transforming lives through teaching, research, and service.

The University's DIRECCT Values are:


Valuing and including people from all cultures and backgrounds in the pursuit of common goals.


Demonstrating honesty and fairness in our words and actions. 


Exhibiting pride and accountability in the performance of duties and ensuring the long-term success of the University.


Striving to accomplish our goals with quality, rigor, passion, and distinction.


Embracing innovation, flexibility, and originality in the pursuit of our vision and mission.


Behaving in a caring, humane, and empathetic way.


Engaging and working well together to achieve optimal results.


To recognize and thank the many team members who routinely exhibit the EM Shout Out behaviors and transform lives at the University.

Method of Nomination:

Any Enrollment Management team member can be nominated for recognition by anyone at any time within Enrollment Management through the completion of the EM Shout Out nomination form. Submissions should be based on the consistent display of the principle behaviors outlined above.

Click here to access the nomination form: miami.edu/emshoutoutnomination.


Recognition in the quarterly Enrollment Management Newsletter and EM retreats.